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Doctor with covid-19 test.

Where To Get A Covid-19 Test Kit In Orange County

A special coronavirus-focused Board of Supervisors meeting took place today at 9:30 a.m. to get answers on where residents can go to get testing for covid-19 in Orange County. At this time no information has been released from that meeting.

Two hospitals opened up drive-through testing centers in Orange County Monday, March 16. The locations were not released on official channels and the pop-ups were flooded when they opened.

The testing stations are set-up outside of hospitals so potential patients can drive-thru in their cars and have their sinus cavity swabbed. Those who take the test receive results in about eight hours.

You must call your primary provider before showing up to a testing center. You will be turned away by workers there if you have not followed protocol to receive the test.

Currently the steps to get tested for covid-19 are to talk to your primary healthcare provider and see if they will order you the test. Visiting your primary provider does not guarantee you a test.

You may also call the hospital and they will call you back and move forward with an assessment.

Health officials are asking residents to not show up to health centers and to call first to avoid exposure and slow the spread of covid-19.

Where To Get A Covid-19 Test Kit In Orange County