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03 Jun, Saturday
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Urban Grill in Lake Forest Selling Survival Boxes for $150

Local Lake Forest business Urban Grill has taken it upon themselves to serve the local community in a different way. They have begun selling “survival boxes” for $150.

“We are in unchartered times right now and we need to work together to survive this. We are have figured out a way to make more #SurvivalBoxes with your basic essentials that have been hard to get in our local stores.”

Urban Grill

What’s Included?

9 lbs – Chicken Breast
5 lbs – Ground Beef
5 lbs – Rice
10 lbs – Potatoes
10 lbs – Penne Pasta
2 lbs – Bananas
3 Dozen Eggs
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
1 Gallon Milk
1 Loaf of bread

How do I get one?

The survival boxes must be reserved over the phone by calling 949-340-2055. The survival boxes will be available for curbside pickup starting this Saturday March 21st. Payment information must be provided at time of reservation.

I’m not mobile, can they deliver?

Yes! Urban Grill can also deliver your box directly to your door.

Urban Grill in Lake Forest Selling Survival Boxes for $150