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This IG is LIT! 5 Reasons we LOVE Teriyaki Madness HILARIOUS Insta

Have you ever ate out and thought the food was sooo good you could totally sell it? That’s Teriyaki Madness’, Lake Forest story. A good night on the strip turned customers into owners and lucky us they came to Lake Forest.

Prevailing Las Vegas’ taste buds, the Madness spread it’s desert roots to the West and has landed itself in Lake Forest. One of the first in California, Teriyaki Madness is ready to get wild.


BYOB and never eat the same thing. With so many combos you can eat here for over 400 days and never repeat. Check out Teriyaki Tuesdays $5.99 bowl w/ a fountain drink, download the madness app and earn points, order delivery. Do whatever you want, Teriyaki Madness has your back.

Famous ‘Yaki Sauce

When it comes to ‘Yaki sauce the madness does it right. People travel near and far to get their hands on this liquid gold. No, you can’t buy it from the store (you’ll still try anyways.) What makes it so good? The balance of the soy and the sweet mixed with the perfect semi-thick texture. Soooo satisfying to drizzle all over yourself..errr you’re bowl.

Pot Stickers

Mini steam fried dumpling of deliciousness. Teriyaki Madness goes beyond casual dining with their pot stickers and yakisoba. Not to be outdone by the fancy guys- ‘Yaki Madness holds their own. Grab ’em to go or eat in. These guys you probably won’t want to share.

Ginger, Scallions & Veggies

Get one, get none, get all. BYOB.

Chicken Katsu

When you’re tired of teriyaki go katsu! fried light and hand breaded with Japanese panko this is a dish of champions.

Get Mad

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This IG is LIT! 5 Reasons we LOVE Teriyaki Madness HILARIOUS Insta