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5 Reasons To Try Mexican Soul food In LF – Let’s taco ’bout it. ?

Tacos Ensenada was born from tacos. The owner, Robert, worked as a butcher for a grocery store. Making himself tacos on his breaks, customers would want to buy them from him. This happened A LOT and in response he bought a butcher shop, affectionate of the craft, and still…he sold tacos. Then he created Tacos Ensenada to serve customers the tacos he’s famous for.

Here’s 5 other reasons to come early or order out. Everyone else already knows. 😉


Tacos are the reason Tacos Ensenada exists. You can’t go wrong with the chorizo, beef, fish or any of them. Sometimes life tells you to sell tacos and find people to eat them!

?2. Michoacan Flavors

Michoacan, Roberts hometown, is often called “the soul of Mexico” and is especially known for seafood. After all, Michoacan means “place of the fishermen.” Tacos Ensenada spreads the Michoacan palette through all their dishes, bringing Mexico’s soul food to Lake Forest.

?3. Horchata

Abuelas recipe. No powder. No Mix. Home brewed. Drink up at Tacos Ensenada. Para arriba, para abajo, para el centro y para dentro.

?4. Pescado, Camaron , Mariscos

Remember spring break and you had the best Mexican seafood you still keep looking for? Neither do I..but this is it. Tacos Ensenada makes their seafood fresh and traditional. Try the fried fish and frijoles con arroz. Buen provecho.

?5. Endless Menu

Tacos Ensenada wants to cut down the menu- they really do! They won’t because people like EVERYTHING! (And Tacos Ensenada gives the people what they want.)

The menu is all-serving. Tortas, veggie tostadas, sope, albondigas, nopales, lengua, octopus and on and on. You WILL find something.

Sometimes you just gotta sell tacos.

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5 Reasons To Try Mexican Soul food In LF - Let's taco 'bout it. ?