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The following press release was sent by The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, an outside organization. Lake Forest Shop & Dine does not edit press releases and we publish them to bring you direct information.

State Emergency Feeding Program

The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) issued guidance for the Emergency Feeding Program which outlines program eligibility, funding ratios of 75% FEMA, 19% State and 6% local, and reimbursement rates for restaurants by meal. Currently, funding for this program will be available from April 24, 2020 through May 10, 2020.

The OC Community Resources (OCCR) has developed a concept that would designate the Office on Aging as the lead local administrator and includes leveraging their elderly nutrition providers who would then subcontract with restaurants. The restaurants would be responsible for delivery by hiring their own background checked drivers. This approach would allow OCCR to maintain best practices in meal delivery and putting seniors first, while also pre-screening to ensure compliance with the program. Furthermore, it will provide much needed stimulus to the local restaurant industry and help to build their workforce through hiring meal drivers.

For the time being, OCCR are asking those interested in receiving meals, or restaurants that want to participate, to please contact their call center at 714-480-6450 so they can take information and respond once things are up and running.

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State Emergency Feeding Program