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Measure M flops in Orange County by 25.58%

Measure M flops in Orange County by 25.58%. Measure M is an Orange County financial measure for Saddleback Valley Unified School District. (SVUSD.) Measure approval would have funneled $495 million into SVUSD schools for repairs and updates.

According to the full text of Measure M a yes vote would “authorize the district to issue $495 million in bonds and requiring an average annual tax rate of $30 per $100,000 of assessed property value.”

Measure M Upgrades

Measure M would have provided repairs to 34 schools from elementary to high school. The list of repairs included replacement of water fountains, drainage repair, improving parking and replacing landscaping at almost every school on the list.

Many of the upgrades listed were for security cameras, increased exterior lighting, updating marquees and providing additional signage.

2004 School Bonds Still Unpaid

The main argument against the measure was an increase in property taxes that taxpayers would be locked into until 2053.

Other concerns for the Measure were that the school bonds issued in 2004 still have nine years left until they are paid back.


Measure M was a point of contention during primary’s. SVUSD is a large school district of 34 schools that serves most of South Orange County. Schools in this district have not been modernized in 40-years.

The measure was voted no by 62.79% and yes by 37.21%. A 55 percent supermajority vote was required for the approval of Measure M.

Measure M flops in Orange County by 25.58%