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LF Has An Awesome IG Tattoo Community

Lake Forest has a ton of talented tattoo artists and the online tattoo community on Instagram is thriving! Check out the awesome shots from your local artists below!

Beauty & The Ink

That color though! And the blending, and the wispy profile…this is everything. *swoon*

Vatican Studios

I’m a sucker for nature tattoos and this one is so mesmerizing. I definitely know some plant buffs that would be super into this.

True At Heart Tattoo

True At Heart has a long reputation in the city and their Instagram is jam packed of beautiful art. This bear tattoo is lit! 10/10 would give honey.

Ghost Wolf

These owl eyes are so entrancing. The wrap is so clean and all the little line work is making this tattoo a hoot! (Sorry, not sorry.)

LF Has An Awesome IG Tattoo Community