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03 Dec, Saturday
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beer in a glass that has print on it saying 'Drink beer. eat tacos. be happy. '

$3.95 Cervezas on the go @ Las Fajitas Grill

Got tacos and Corona’s on your mind? Las Fajitas Grill is still serving up fresh Mexican fare with beers to go!

Crack Open a Cold One

Las Fajitas is throwing a fiesta giving all their customers cerveza’s ON SALE!

ALL bottled beers, domestic and import, are $3.95! Las Fajitas Grill also has michelada. Order any beer with your purchase and get it to go! (The regular price of bottled beers is $5.50.)

Tacos Aren’t Just for Tuesdays

Las Fajitas knows one day a week for tacos isn’t enough, that’s why they extended their taco Tuesday to Friday’s as well!

Tacos are $2.50 a piece and come in chicken, beef, fish or pork. Their taco shells are crisp and light, no oily spots on these tortillas!

The flap steak is a Lake Forest Shop & Dine fave and we know we’re not the only ones! Las Fajitas Grill catering is always serving up steak and their famous tortas and chile rellenos.

Fresh, Fast & Clean

Las Fajitas Grill won the 2019 Orange County Award of Excellence for health standards and sanitation by focusing on quality ingredients, fresh cuisine and safe food practices.

Las Fajitas Grill owner, Sandra, has over 20-years of restaurant experience and makes sure her kitchen is sparkling clean. Her regulars STILL come down from Newport Beach (home of the old Las Fajitas) because there is nowhere quite like Las Fajitas Grill.

Order up some sabor on GrubhHub, Office Express, UberEats, DoorDash and Postmates.

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$3.95 Cervezas on the go @ Las Fajitas Grill