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Leisure World’s Biggest Caterer Has A Hidden Cafe

Monte Cristo sandwich at Jolanda’s Cafe.

Jolanda’s is in such high demand their catering is booked through 2020! You can still snag her coveted food at Jolanda’s cafe, and if you’re lucky get a homemade croissant before they sell out!

? French Cafe ?

Breakfast menu at Jolanda’s Cafe.

Situated in a plaza off El Toro, Jolanda’s is a casual environment modeled after a French garden bistro. Hummingbirds paint the walls and a garden trellis runs the middle of the cafe. Quaint and homey, Jolanda’s is definitely a place to become a regular.


?Open To The Public

Jolanda’s Cafe cook prepares breakfast in the kitchen.

Jolanda’s namesake cafe was opened as a necessity for catering. Jolanda needed a bigger kitchen and only a restaurant would suffice. After continuously booking her catering full, the restaurant started to thrive. For the first time you can access Jolanda’s food without a catering order!.


?Croissants From Scratch

BLT on a fresh croissant from Jolanda’s Cafe.

Jolanda expresses herself through her food, ask about her croissants and she’ll have a chat and a friendly smile at your table. Made completely from scratch it takes Jolanda’s Cafe three days to make their buttery croissants. Oh yea, and their HUGE! You can order one a la carte or as a sandwich. We tried the BLT and it was so smooth and velvety, no one wanted to share.


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Leisure World's Biggest Caterer Has A Hidden Cafe