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Lake Forest 2020 Foodie Guide

Think you’ve eaten your way through your city? Let us surprise you! We’ve got some great restaurants that are sure to cross every palette, even the little picky ones. Vote in the comments for your favorites and decide whose the breakfast hero, chicken bowl champion and the victor of the taquero showdown!

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?Breakfast Hero Challenge?

The holidays are a great time to enjoy your mornings and eat a laid-back breakfast with the family. We found three breakfast hot spots in Lake Forest that will battle it out to be crowned breakfast champion!


⛅Cloud Cafe⛅

Cloud Cafe believes in clean cooking just like Mom makes. No oils or deep frying- Cloud Cafe and uses air fryer’s and steam to make their breakfasts.

Cloud Cafe also has their own line of seasoning! Perfect for their steamy, dreamy omelettes and for yours at home! Want more steamy dreamy omelettes? Check out Cloud Cafe’s menu HERE.

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?Bagel Shack?

Bagel Shack is is going BOGO! Download the Lake Forest Shop & Dine app HERE to redeem your BUY ONE GET ONE FREE bagel sandwich! ?

Bagel Shack sometimes has longer than lines than large leading coffee chains. The bagels are THAT good. House made cream cheese blends, fresh bagels, a full coffee bar and a laid back vibe make this a great spot to live local.

Bagel Shack is the original Orange County bagel spot. Starting in San Clemente and working it’s way to Lake Forest, the Bagel Shack has remained a locals only secret for years! Known for their surfer-inspired sandwiches named after SoCal’s best breaks, we recommend trying the T-street, Old Mans and Cottons.

Check out all of Bagel Shack’s surf-inspired menu HERE.


Jolanda’s is inspired by french garden bistros and scratch croissants. We tried the BLT with avocado and immediately understood why the take home case was empty.

The croissants are the star of the menu and possess everything you want. Buttery. Crunchy. Light. Take days to make. Yep. DAYS! Authentic croissants are made fresh here so you can enjoy the same delicious food as the french!

Check out Jolanda’s full menu HERE.

?Chicken Bowl Champion?

As the weathers cools off these hot lunch spots will have you feeling fire. Teriyaki Madness is where all your Vegas food dreams come true, in Lake Forest. Yang’s is fresh to the United States and serves Chinese comfort food. You decide who has the better chicken bowl!


?Teriyaki Madness?

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Straight from the strip, Teriyaki Madness serves everything they have whatever way you want. This casual restaurant has quite the reputation in Vegas and is spreading its playful vibe throughout Southern California.

Definitely the most customize-able bowl in town, you can even add Yakisoba! Everything is made to order ensuring freshness. There’s a ton of heat and for sensitive mouths you can opt-out. Flavor. That’s the best way to describe the madness.

Check out all their options on their website HERE. Oh did we mention Teriyaki Madness Instagram is LIT!


Take $2 off your order at Yang’s Lake Forest on the Lake Forest Shop & Dine app. ?

Yang’s. What other good things can I say about Yang’s ? As I raved in previous article, Yang’s truly does feel special.

This one dish restaurant puts a lot of faith into their recipe and it doesn’t disappoint. Chicken, rice, mushrooms, ginger and chili’s served in a steaming hot cast iron bowl, the simplicity of their dish is all pleasing. Learn more about Chinese comfort food and the history of Yang’s HERE.

?Taquero Showdown?

Dinner time is best spent with a taco in hand. I think that’s what Socrates said. Spend some time with the family at these laid back neighborhood restaurants and pick the winner of the burrito battle!

Step 1: order tacos

Step 2: Hit the taco bar

Step 3: Eat tacos

Step 4: yum


Taco Ensenada

Tacos Ensenada is the taco spot you need to remember. Tacos for ALL! High school late night runs, taco Tuesday college ‘I’m broke nights’ and also “I remember when the store next door used to be”…That’s the roots Taco Ensenada has in Lake Forest. Robert still remembers you! Come on in!

The owner of Tacos Ensenada, Robert, is a butcher. He never was supposed to sell tacos. Robert made tacos for himself on his lunch breaks and customers would smell them and want them and then eat them! (Robert is very kind!)

When it became an overwhelming demand Robert bought…a butcher shop. (He still sold tacos.) So here you go! Here’s your tacos Lake Forest! Feel free to order any meat and KNOW it will be top notch and prepared juuuuust so.

Tacos Ensenada has a HUGE menu that covers everything from sopas to seafood. Find your fave HERE.(vegetarian friendly!)

La Casita Olvera

La Casita Olvera stepped into the Lake Forest food scene with a bang! Opening in August and tking 2nd place at Taste of Lake Forest, they’re inviting your welcome into the Love Local Community!

The food editors of LF Shop & Dine agree that the food was worth the wait in line for the brand new La Casita Olvera. If you missed the food festival you can always come by for an authentic family dinner or a quick $10 full lunch!

Famous for it’s margarita specials and rotating lunch menu specials Lake Forest welcomes this taco hot spot!

Check out their full menu HERE.

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