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☁️Moms Kitchen: Cooking W/ Cloud Cafe ☁️$8 Omelette ☁️

Cloud Cafe is tucked away in a tiny plaza off El Toro and Muirlands in Lake Forest. Exclusively open for breakfast, this family run cafe is famous for steamed omelettes. If you have 20 minutes and $8, Sada, owner of Cloud Cafe, will feed you the fluffiest, dreamiest, cheesiest, steamiest omelette this side west of the Mississippi.

?️Mom’s Kitchen?️

Cloud Cafe is family run and Sada commands the kitchen! Her omelettes at home were such a hit she opened Cloud Cafe. Cooking with the same care as she does for her family, these omelettes are SO good people will wait for up to an hour to get them! Cloud Cafe is only open for breakfast Tuesday through Saturday, and closes at 1:30. Come early or else prepare to wait in line. Keep scrolling to see the fluffiest omelette ever!


Cloud Cafe’s steamed omelettes are the menu’s stand out dish. No oils or fryers, just steam. Because of this method they are the most velvety omelettes in existence. Each omelette can be customized to your liking or pick one off the menu. The special changes weekly and you never know what it is until you get there! Yep, I know you want to see it. Dreamy omelette pics below.

⏲️20 Minutes To Heaven⏲️

Enjoy the view from the clouds while you wait for your meal. Cloud Cafe doesn’t use oil and everything is steamed or air fried. Settle in an relax as everything on the menu takes 20 minutes. So close to the cloudy omelette, keep reading!

? Last Looks ?

This is the only know photo of the Chili Verde Omelette from Cloud Cafe before it’s consumption. Elusive and hard to spot in the wild, it lasted about 10 minutes on my plate. RIP steamed omelette, you were fluffy and delicious.


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☁️Moms Kitchen: Cooking W/ Cloud Cafe ☁️$8 Omelette ☁️