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Why Did The Bagel Go To The Bar? To Get (Avocado) Toasted

Bagel Shack Lake Forest is straight bae-goals. A long history on the coast has led Bagel Shack to Lake Forest and we are stoked! With a menu chock full of secret surf spots, home-made bagels and a barista we’re sure this will be your new fave morning spot!

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? Locals Only

Bagel Shack Lake Forest names all their sandwiches after locals only surf spots. Some breaks you may recognize, others are a journey waiting to be taken!

The most popular sandwiches are Old Mans (cream cheese, avocado, lemon pepper.) Uppers (steak and eggs with caramelized onions and melted pepper jack cheese) and T-Street (melted cheddar cheese, red onion, tomato, and chive cream cheese.) You can also buy them in dozens!

? Fresh Dough

Bagel Shack Lake Forest makes all their bagels in-house and fresh EVERY 4 HOURS! Never get a stale bagel @ Bagel Shack. Take some to work, school or home by the dozens!

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Tools of the trade. ✋✋

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? Custom Cream Cheese

Bagel Shack Lake Forest is a great local alternative to pricey coffee houses. The coffee is barista made, bagels are hot and fresh and every bagel is the same price. Don’t forget the custom cream cheese! Pick the cream cheese you want and know it’s been hand mixed.

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Why Did The Bagel Go To The Bar? To Get (Avocado) Toasted