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Revive Aesthetics can help any skin condition!

3 Signs Your Skin Needs Help & 3 Treatments From an Aesthetician Who Sees 1,000 Faces a Year

As the seasons turn our skin is affected in different ways. Faces have a ton of options for treatment and two main options for specialists: dermatologists and aestheticians.

We linked up with Lake Forest local, Danielle, who owns Revive Aesthetics, to tell us some things an esthetician can help you out with before you blow up your insurance on a dermatologist. Danielle has ten-years experience in the industry and sees over 1,000 faces a year! Hopefully your’s will be next!



Acne can be a huge blow to your confidence and self-pride. Danielle was a longtime acne sufferer which onset social anxiety and lowered her self-esteem. For years Danielle wished she could find something to clear her skin.

Danielle took the fate of her skin into her own hands after searching for cures and answers for years and nothing worked. She graduated from Cal State Los Angeles with an MBA and still she wanted to help people and herself cure acne. Acne is the reason Danielle became an aesthetician and started her own practice, Revive Aesthetics!

Revive Aesthetics offers a specialized and customized Acne Treatment System facial specifically for your skin. The facial system includes a clear-skin plan and check-ins for maintenance to stay on track to clear skin. The treatment is $75, lasts for 60 minutes and can be bought in multiples at a discount.


Complex Skin Issues

Is your skin sensitive? Don’t like chemicals? Have allergies? Danielle has a completely natural herbal peel just for you!

The Green Herbal Peel uses sea herbs and minerals that are activated with sea water. The peel is activated by pressure and manipulation (facial massage) and made to reduce appearance of scars, hydrate, brighten and improves texture.

The Green Herbal Peel is $200 and lasts for 90 minutes.


Dark Spots

Dark spots are hard to get rid of and even harder to cover-up. Facials can provide temporary cover and lightening, especially for big events and special occasions. Revive Aesthetics has a couple options to brighten the skin, the most popular being the Revive Shine and Bright.

The Revive Shine and Bright facial can help inhibit the growth of pigmentation and correct signs of premature aging. Made with Vitamin C oxygen agent powder, this facial promotes natural collagen, corrects signs of premature aging and inhibits the formation of pigmentation.

The Revive Shine and Bright facial has immediate results and is great for skin brightening. The facial is $95 and lasts for 90 minutes.

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3 Signs Your Skin Needs Help & 3 Treatments From an Aesthetician Who Sees 1,000 Faces a Year