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Gift Yourself Guide 2020

?Gift Yourself Guide: Getting Ahead For New Years

Time to refresh, renew, rejoice and all those other things wrappings on water bottles say. Seriously though, it’s always a good feeling to go into the new year feeling fresh and like you actually did something in 2019.

Let’s get real, this is probably the last thing you want to be doing, but the thing you NEED to be doing. A little time now can save you big later! We’ve got contractors for the home face-lift you’ve been waiting on and an awesome insurance agent from the community. Adulting level 1000.

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Insurance policy shopping, renewing and revamping can be stressful and time consuming. Let Lake Forests trusted Farmers agent, Michael Mamula, guide you though the process quickly and easily. Doing it now means you don’t have to think about it later!


?Michael Mamula – Farmers?

Michael Mamula from Farmers knows what Lake Forest residents needs are. Come into his office and discuss your current policies and how to make them better.

Staying current on new laws, regulations and rules for Lake Forest, you can rest assured your getting coverage perfectly suited to your life. Michael is welcoming and ready to start a new policy for young ones or revamp policies for existing coverage.

Michael and his team are participating in the 7th annual toy drive to support the Boys & Girls Foundation, you can drop off a toy by December 18th at 25432 Trabuco Rd Suite 208, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Get to know Michael and his crew on their Facebook.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of contracting work gone wrong. That’s why we found the best Lake Forest has to offer. With long standing reputations and quality services you can put your home in their hands with confidence.


?Apex KBF?

Ben at Apex creates custom remodels from the art in his blood! Carefully designed and beautifully executed, Ben will go through each detail with you until it’s right. On-call and always willing to help clients sets Apex apart. Talk to Ben and see what you can create. Visit Apex’s website HERE.

Take advantage of Apex’s exclusive deal on the Lake Forest Shop & Dine app. Thinking of remodeling?! At Apex get $1,600 Off any remodeling of $15,000 or more.

?Da Vinci KBF?

Da Vinci has been in Lake Forest for over seven-years and keeps serving the community. Victor at Da Vinci knows it’s the small things that make the room and can help you refine your aesthetic. The timeliness and workmanship of Da Vinci speak for them self and Victor never sacrifices responsiveness or service. See more of Da Vinci KBF’s work HERE.

Da Vinci is offering a free sink or toilet with remodels. Get the deal on the app HERE.

Now go forward and adult on!


?Gift Yourself Guide: Getting Ahead For New Years