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Peruvian chicken drumstick with green chili sauce

FREE Dessert + Food for the Whole Family @ Renzo’s Peruvian Kitchen

Renzo’s Peruvian Kitchen is always coming up with something new and family meals are the latest creation in the cook’s room.

Renzo, innovator and owner of the kitchen, is an award winning chef and celebrity cook-off competitor. Lake Forest is STOKED to have this surfing Peruvian chef land in our town!

Renzo’s uses family recipes from the shores of Peru and fresh local ingredients in Lake Forest to bring you classic, clean Latin American food for the whole family. (Yes, there is a kids menu!)

Renzo’s Peruvian Kitchen family meals have options between chicken, steak or pork and come with salad, cancha, bread and Renzo’s house made famous green chili sauce! Did we mention Renzo is giving FREE dessert? Churros from scratch. Buen provecho!

Not familiar with cancha? Try it out! A favorite snack on the shores of Chicama, cancha is dried Peruvian popcorn that’s salty, crunchy and light.

Renzo’s famous chili green sauce and cancha.

Our favorite meal from Renzo’s kitchen is the lomo saltado and aji de gallina. Steak, chicken with rice and Peruvian sauces.

Don’t forget kids eat free at Renzo’s Taste of Peru on Mondays and Tuesdays. Check out Renzo’s other specials on the official city app HERE!

Call Renzo’s Taste of Peru to order your family meal today: 949-273-3322 or text the chef himself at 714-655-4543

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FREE Dessert + Food for the Whole Family @ Renzo's Peruvian Kitchen