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3 Ways To Banish Back Pain W/ Magic Bed ($8 Massage Anyone?)

This is the age of automation and massage isn’t being left behind. Come in and check out Ceragem Magic Bed in Lake Forest. Pick a bed, pick how long and take a nap. This hyper futuristic and tech-y massage, (a robot scans your spine and customizes the massage in seconds,) does more for $8 than any other wellness options on the market.

1. ? Robots! ?

Robots scan your spine, target problem areas and customize the massage in seconds. Technology has helped gap bridges in medical errors and Ceragem Magic Bed is making that technology available to the whole world! Never tell a massage therapist to adjust levels of intensity, pressure or coverage again, the control is in your hands!

2. ⚕️ FDA Approved ⚕️

Ceragem knows theirs different strokes for different folks but EVERYONE needs safety. Ceragem Magic Bed is listed as an FDA approved medical device for use in home or in-store. Users all over the WORLD have testified to Ceragem’s efficiency at relieving back pain and body pain! America is actually quite late on the Magic bed train, as the company has spread into the states fairly recently and has been overseas in over 75 countries since 1998.

3. ? SOOOOOOO Cheap ?

If you’re sustaining health from injuries, don’t have health insurance, can’t afford massage or physical therapy or just in the mood to try something new for cheap then this is your spot. Medical and massage bills can put you in the hundreds if not thousands for treatment every month. If Ceragem Magic Bed can help you feel better for just $8 a day, we consider it a win. Nothing costs $8 anymore.

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Ceragem Magic Bed – 23801 El Toro Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630 US (949) 356-5357

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3 Ways To Banish Back Pain W/ Magic Bed ($8 Massage Anyone?)