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1 Dish To Rule Them All ?Chinese Comfort Food

Xiao Lu Yang brought his much loved Chinese comfort food to America in 2017. With only three stores in the U.S., Lake forest opened the third location of Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice this year. Hugely successful in China, Australia, Japan and Singapore, owner Xiao knew Americans would love his dish.

? One dish done right ?

Yang’s only has one dish so you know it’s done up perfectly! Yang’s Chinese Comfort Food is braised chicken and rice. The dish is made with five whole ingredients. Boneless chicken thigh, mushrooms, ginger, peppers, short grain white rice and secret sauce. That’s it. No oil. No butter, and the sauce only has three ingredients.


You can order Yang’s braised chicken and rice bowl three ways. ? Spicy (Serrano and red chili peppers) ?️ Authentic (Serrano peppers only) ? Regular (no peppers)

Secret sauce

The wow factor of this dish is the secret sauce. Secretly guarded and passed down through generations, Yang obtained the recipe from his grandmother. Using only three ingredients he perfected the dish in 2011 and from there Yang’s became the first branded broiled chicken and rice company in China. 6,000 worldwide franchises later, it’s history!


5 minutes to cook

Yang’s is a great place to grab a quick bite because each bowl only takes five minutes. Yang’s cooks and serves it’s bowls like a sizzling platter. The food comes out steaming and fresh and you wont want to wait to eat it – but please do!

We’re going to sleep off this food coma now. See you at Yang’s!


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1 Dish To Rule Them All ?Chinese Comfort Food