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Watch The Launch Of A High Altitude Balloon By Science Heads @ LF Park

The Lake Forest Science Heads are having a high altitude balloon launch Saturday, November 9 from 9-2pm at 28000 Rancho Pkwy, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

According to Science Heads website on November 9th, Science Heads will be launching it’s fourth High Altitude Balloon (HAB4). Its payload will be carrying experiments designed by local Middle School and High School students and you are invited to attend this free and fun family STEM event.

Photo from ScienceHeads.Org

Hear the students describe their experiments and watch the NASA-like countdown and launch. Follow the progress of the balloon on live displays as it travels up to 20 miles into the stratosphere and lands approximately 70 miles away. Listen to the radio transmissions of the RCOM chase teams as they locate and recover the payload.

Science Heads Facebook event states “On Saturday, Nov. 9th, Science Heads, a local non-profit organization, will launch a dozen student-designed experiments to the edge of space. The HAB / STEM program encourages local Middle and High School students to apply what they have learned in school.”

“Families and people of all ages are invited to attend this free event. Many of the students will be on-hand to describe their experiment. Join in on the NASA like count-down and follow the progress of our chase teams as they recover the payloads,” Science Heads said.

Support the local schools. Volunteers needed. Visit www.ScienceHeads.org/volunteer for more information.

Watch The Launch Of A High Altitude Balloon By Science Heads @ LF Park