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Animals can't tell us what they need so its up to us to interpret their actions. For National Responsible Pet Owners Month and Love Your Pet Day on February 20th Foothill Animal Hospital has decoded some of the silent signs your pet may be giving you that indicates it's time for a check-up.

Apex Kitchen Bath & Flooring in Lake Forest has an artisan behind the scenes. Ben Zadeh, owner and contractor of Apex KBF designs from the heart and can customize anything for any client. Read below for hilarious contractor fails and Apex's redemption's. Customer Service Apex Kitchen Bath & Flooring goes beyond contracting. Available for all your needs, concerns, suggestions and questions Apex will never leave you hanging. Ben will walk you through every step and offers full support for every project. Create Practicality Apex Kitchen Bath & Flooring can create, design and install your dream home! Using over 20 years

Ordering flowers online can be tricky. Much like using Wish.com, you just have to have faith. We've scoured the Internets for the best flower fails and spoke with an amazing florist to explain why getting the real deal is always your best option. Lake Forest Floral Design changed owners in August of this year and since then has had a FULL remodel! The store is so bright and fun, just like the new owner Denise. Creating custom arrangements and being reliable is what Lake Forest Floral Design is all about. Read below for the best flower fails and where to go to

Watch-Tech of Lake Forest has been repairing and selling watches for over 30-years. Store owner, Ken, can install, repair or replace anything you bring to him! Come in for a free estimate and check out his unique selection of vintage, pop culture and tactical watches! Batteries - 50% off a 2nd battery It's recommended to change your watch battery every 1-3 years. Watch batteries can leak inside of quartz and damage movement pieces, resulting in more extensive damage. Here are some common signs you need to replace your battery: Watch stops completelySecond hand moves in 5-second intervalsIt's difficult to adjust the time or