Lake Forest
27 Mar, Monday
69° F

Flying in from the East Coast Gizmo looks warm in our Southern California sun. Ray's glare off the screen of my video messenger and when the picture clarifies all I see are cheeseburgers. So many cheeseburgers. Gizmo is a pickleball pro who rally's behind altruism to spread the sport that changed his life. With a laid-back vibe he dives deep into pickleball. His first words: "It was love at first sight." His second: "I have no experience."

Lake Forest's South Orange County Entrepreneurs Program has been nominated for the Business Retention And Expansion category at the 'Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards.' The Orange County Business Council will be holding awards November 20 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at The Center in Costa Mesa. "OCBC will present awards in various categories to OC’s public agencies for programs that cut through red tape and open the door for business growth and success." According to OCBC, "OCBC will recognize six outstanding public agencies who are proactively cutting through the red tape and opening the door for business.

Tuesday October 29 the City of Lake Forest will be holding the first meeting in a series called 'Lake Forest Listens.' The meeting will allow residents and city staff to discuss homelessness and actions towards the Arbors. The Arbors trellis in Lake Forest has become a hot spot of contempt for residents. A homeless encampment has been found in The Arbors walkway and the city is trying to find the best solutions within their guidelines. Some Lake Forest residents are back-lashing in online forums against the encampment at The Arbors. Photos of unsheltered people sleeping, captioned with snide and angry