Lake Forest
01 Jun, Thursday
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Bagel Shack Lake Forest is straight bae-goals. A long history on the coast has led Bagel Shack to Lake Forest and we are stoked! With a menu chock full of secret surf spots, home-made bagels and a barista we're sure this will be your new fave morning spot! PSSSSTTT! Download the FREE Lake Forest Shop & Dine app for a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE BAGEL SANDWICH @ Bagel Shack! ? Locals Only Bagel Shack Lake Forest names all their sandwiches after locals only surf spots. Some breaks you may recognize, others are a journey waiting to be taken! The most popular

Have you ever ate out and thought the food was sooo good you could totally sell it? That's Teriyaki Madness', Lake Forest story. A good night on the strip turned customers into owners and lucky us they came to Lake Forest. Prevailing Las Vegas' taste buds, the Madness spread it's desert roots to the West and has landed itself in Lake Forest. One of the first in California, Teriyaki Madness is ready to get wild. View this post on Instagram

Monte Cristo sandwich at Jolanda's Cafe. Jolanda's is in such high demand their catering is booked through 2020! You can still snag her coveted food at Jolanda's cafe, and if you're lucky get a homemade croissant before they sell out! ? French Cafe ? Breakfast menu at Jolanda's Cafe. Situated in a plaza off El Toro, Jolanda's is a casual environment modeled after a French garden bistro. Hummingbirds paint the walls and a garden trellis runs the middle of the cafe. Quaint and homey, Jolanda's is definitely a place to become a regular. via GIPHY ?Open To The Public Jolanda's Cafe cook prepares

Cloud Cafe is tucked away in a tiny plaza off El Toro and Muirlands in Lake Forest. Exclusively open for breakfast, this family run cafe is famous for steamed omelettes. If you have 20 minutes and $8, Sada, owner of Cloud Cafe, will feed you the fluffiest, dreamiest, cheesiest, steamiest omelette this side west of the Mississippi. ?️Mom's Kitchen?️ Cloud Cafe is family run and Sada commands the kitchen! Her omelettes at home were such a hit she opened Cloud Cafe. Cooking with the same care as she does for her family, these omelettes are SO good people will wait for