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This is the age of automation and massage isn't being left behind. Come in and check out Ceragem Magic Bed in Lake Forest. Pick a bed, pick how long and take a nap. This hyper futuristic and tech-y massage, (a robot scans your spine and customizes the massage in seconds,) does more for $8 than any other wellness options on the market.1. ? Robots! ?Robots scan your spine, target problem areas and customize the massage in seconds. Technology has helped gap bridges in medical errors and Ceragem Magic Bed is making that technology available to the whole world! Never tell

La Casita Olvera has only been in Foothill Ranch for a few months and already they're shining in the community. Winning 2nd place at Taste Of Lake Forest the voting, driven by attendees, determined La Casita Olvera was the best of the best in the city! Below are just a few reasons why La Casita Olvera is already a local fave.Celebrating their success as 2nd place winners of Taste Of Lake Forest 2019.??Entertainment??La Casita Olvera has opened up its patio for music, parties, meetings, events and more! Whatever you're celebrating La Casita Olvera will go the extra mile

Three meteor showers, the Southern Taurids, Orionids and Northern Taurids, are all popping off in the sky! The Taurids are notorious for their fireballs and the Orionids remnants come from Halley's comet.What is a meteor?NASA defines meteors and showers as " A meteor is a space rock—or meteoroid—that enters Earth's atmosphere. As the space rock falls toward Earth, the resistance—or drag—of the air on the rock makes it extremely hot. What we see is a "shooting star." That bright streak is not actually the rock, but rather the glowing hot air as the hot rock zips

Watch-Tech of Lake Forest has been repairing and selling watches for over 30-years. Store owner, Ken, can install, repair or replace anything you bring to him! Come in for a free estimate and check out his unique selection of vintage, pop culture and tactical watches!Batteries - 50% off a 2nd batteryIt's recommended to change your watch battery every 1-3 years. Watch batteries can leak inside of quartz and damage movement pieces, resulting in more extensive damage.Here are some common signs you need to replace your battery:Watch stops completelySecond hand moves in 5-second intervalsIt's difficult to adjust the time or

Xiao Lu Yang brought his much loved Chinese comfort food to America in 2017. With only three stores in the U.S., Lake forest opened the third location of Yang's Braised Chicken Rice this year. Hugely successful in China, Australia, Japan and Singapore, owner Xiao knew Americans would love his dish.? One dish done right ?Yang's only has one dish so you know it's done up perfectly! Yang's Chinese Comfort Food is braised chicken and rice. The dish is made with five whole ingredients. Boneless chicken thigh, mushrooms, ginger, peppers, short grain white rice and secret sauce. That's it. No