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Big bone Asian pho soup

5 Must-Try Asian Fusion Dishes @ Majestic’s Asian Eatery

Majestic Asian Eatery ditched the pho and re-opened it’s doors in October as an Asian fusion restaurant.

With a fresh new twist on the menu, the best ingredients from all over Asia and an in-store face lift Majestic’s Asian Eatery wants you to give their new menu and unconventional pairings a try!

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“When the pho dropped off the name and became just Majestic’s, the chains came off. I can bring in all types of food!

Charlie, owner of Majestic’s Asian Eatery

1. Bone Leavins Taco

This taco started as a seasonal item and people loved it so much they put it on the menu permanently. Bone leavins are the tender meat left around the bone of high quality cuts of beef. This taco is made in limited quantities and sells out quick!

We’re serving food from America, Korea, Vietnam and all of the other Asian countries. We’re creating new and daring stuff. The food is un-traditional.”

Charlie, Charlie, owner of Majestic’s Asian Eatery

2. Short Rib Fries

The loaded fries at Majestic are top notch and our favorite are the short rib fries. Look at those juicy ribs! So silky and tender.

“Majestic’s is a great place for people to get good Asian food. I want people to know that it’s Asian fusion. Vietnamese influenced with food from all over Asia!”

Charlie, Charlie, owner of Majestic’s Asian Eatery

3. Asian Street Tacos

When it comes to street tacos we’re definitely spoiled in Southern California and Majestic always wants to raise the bar. Charlie created a entire street taco menu based on flavor combinations from all over Asia.

“We have an ever-changing menu. It evolves seasonally so people can try new things and come back for their favorites.”

Charlie, Charlie, owner of Majestic’s Asian Eatery

4. P. Belly Egg & Noods

The pork at Majestic Asian Eatery is good on its own and when you add the egg and noodles it creates a unique flavor complex. The egg balances out the sweetness of the pork and the noodles create a nice base for distribution.

“Asian fusion is sometimes diluted because people take it over the top. I like simplicity.”

Charlie, Charlie, owner of Majestic’s Asian Eatery

5. Big Bone Soup

Majestic Asian Eatery DID used to be known for pho after all so of course they have amazing soups and pho! The big bone soup is the revamped version of their traditional noodle soup bowl.

“I want people to be free and have fun. I want to give people good food that is also good quality.”

Charlie, Charlie, owner of Majestic’s Asian Eatery

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5 Must-Try Asian Fusion Dishes @ Majestic's Asian Eatery