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ORange County covid-19 quarantine

4 Takeaways From The County of Orange Covid-19 Press Conference – Beaches, City Case Counts, Jails & Compliance

On Wednesday March 25th the County of Orange held a press conference in regards to county beaches, essential businesses and citizens voluntary compliance under the ‘stay at home order’ during the covid-19 quarantine.

  • City case counts are supposed to go up daily starting Monday, March 30 on the oc.gov website
  • Most Orange County hospitals have cancelled elective procedures
  • Beach parking lots will be closed
  • Beaches and parks will remain open
  • OC jails have first inmate test positive for covid-19
  • OC jails have been cleared for early inmate release up to 60-days

Beaches & Parks

Frank Kim, County Executive Officer for the County of Orange said beaches and parks would remain open to the public however beach parking lots would be closed to discourage congregation.

“The county of orange would like to maintain access to our wilderness parks, our regional parks and our beaches. We encourage residents of Orange County to participate in utilizing facilities but doing so in a safe matter by observing social distancing protocol as ordered by government and county health officers,” Frank Kim said.

Voluntary Compliance

Voluntary compliance was the theme under each order and recommendation from the CDC, Governor and local health organizations.

Local forces have not deployed additional resources in Orange County for social control or enforcement of operating businesses. Law enforcement is counting on citizens voluntary compliance to stay inside and follow Governor Newsom’s ‘stay at home’ order.

“We are still getting voluntary compliance and I think that’s the most important part of this. ” Sheriff Don Barnes said.

OC Jails

Orange County jails have their first inmate who tested positive for covid-19. The inmate is a 40-year-old man who has been incarcerated since June 2018.

Sheriff Don Barnes submitted paperwork to the courts last week for an early inmate release order. The order did not pass because OC jails have vacancy.

The order was amended and OC jails are clear to early release inmates with 60-days or less on their sentence.

OC Case Counts

In response to many citizens requests for Orange County to release covid-19 data by city David M. Souleles, MPH Deputy Agency Director, Public Health Services, said the County of Orange will have live data up on its website starting Monday, March 30.

“Currently we do provide daily case counts and daily counts of deaths that have occurred. We’re currently providing age and sex, those will continue to be provided. We are looking at adding city counts on a daily basis beginning on Friday. We’re also looking at being able to provide a graphic representation of the curve of new cases to help all of us see how Orange County is doing,” David Souleles said.

Click the live stream below to watch the conference on the County of Orange Facebook.

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4 Takeaways From The County of Orange Covid-19 Press Conference - Beaches, City Case Counts, Jails & Compliance