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3 Innovations Aimed at Fighting Coronavirus

Inventors and innovators all across the globe are responding the covid-19 pandemic by offering their knowledge and services to the medical community.

Using technology and genuity to create forward thinking solutions and creative products we’ve found 3 things that have been helpful during the coronavirus.

3D Printing Valves

After headlines broke of an Italian hospital using 3D printed valves for respirators, the 3D printing community had light shed on it’s willingness to step up.

In efforts to alleviate medical suppliers and governments the 3D print community started a public Google sheet allowing 3D printers from around the world to provide their information and services to make things like valves for respirator machines.

3Dprintingmedia.network said “One of the biggest immediate problems that coronavirus is causing is the massive number of people who require intensive care and oxygenation in order to live through the infection long enough for their antibodies to fight it. This means that the only way to save lives at this point – beyond prevention – is to have as many working reanimation machines as possible. And when they break down, maybe 3D printing can help.’

The 3D printing community isn’t stopping at respirator valves. There are lists of open projects in response to the covid-19 pandemic ranging from face mask development, quarantine booth building and components for covid-19 test kits.

3D printing machine.

99.99% Effective Sterilizer For Spaces

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) developed a antimicrobial coating to be used on air particulates in air purification systems, hospitals, clothing, masks, paints and even public venues.

“In terms of infection control, we developed PECD antimicrobial coating, a sterilizer that removes up to 99.99% of different infectious viruses,” said Wei Shyy, President of HKUST. “The technology was adopted for use at Wuhan’s Huoshenshan Hospital, an emergency hospital constructed specifically to battle the coronavirus outbreak.”

Disease Prevention Maps

Coined as “Facebook data for good”, the social media giant has created disease prevention maps to help researchers and professionals track, analyze and sort data.

Being able to aggregate information will help governments and medical systems prepare for and predict surges in infection rates.

According to dataforgood.fb.com “Facebook Disease Prevention Maps are designed to help public health organizations close gaps in understanding where people live, how people are moving, and the state of their cellular connectivity, in order to improve the effectiveness of health campaigns and epidemic response”

The maps can track movement in and out of regions, be filtered to show population by age, gender, network coverage and location.

This map shows movement between Greater London and surrounding areas by day.

3 Innovations Aimed at Fighting Coronavirus