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29 Jun, Wednesday
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Want to mix it up but need to be productive? We got you. Here's a chore map that makes sure you get things done while having fun! Start with the kids at the CHEAPEST party store in town, Let's Partaaaay BallonLand. This wonderland of balloons will have the kiddos smiling in no time and ready to hit the Postal Annex+ with you to ship your gifts. Check out their shipping special on the Lake Forest Shop & Dine app. Take a free rowing class to burn off all the holiday stress at Row House and then get your nails did from

Don't let Santa forget your pets this year! Lake Forest has great local options to promote and improve pet health. We found some REALLY AWESOME healthy food, treats and toys no pet could resist along with the most trusted animal hospital in Lake Forest. Don't forget to download the Lake Forest Shop & Dine app HERE for great deals and local connections. via GIPHY ?PetWants OC South? Health isn't a fad and now you're animals have options too! PetWants is known for house-made dog and cat food. Everything in the store is geared towards healthy pet options and ensuring the best quality of life

Time to refresh, renew, rejoice and all those other things wrappings on water bottles say. Seriously though, it's always a good feeling to go into the new year feeling fresh and like you actually did something in 2019. Let's get real, this is probably the last thing you want to be doing, but the thing you NEED to be doing. A little time now can save you big later! We've got contractors for the home face-lift you've been waiting on and an awesome insurance agent from the community. Adulting level 1000. Don't forget to download the free Lake

Think you've eaten your way through your city? Let us surprise you! We've got some great restaurants that are sure to cross every palette, even the little picky ones. Vote in the comments for your favorites and decide whose the breakfast hero, chicken bowl champion and the victor of the taquero showdown! Download the free Lake Forest Shop & Dine app HERE for exclusive deals and local connections. ?Breakfast Hero Challenge? The holidays are a great time to enjoy your mornings and eat a laid-back breakfast with the family. We found three breakfast hot spots in Lake Forest that will battle